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History Papers

My Writings

       I decided to put some of my essays on the internet because it seemed like such a waist to put so much time and effort into writing them just so a college professor can stamp a grade on them then toss them in the trash.  I hope that someone out there finds my writings useful.

A Sleeping America Persuasive Essay.
A Simple Essay  This is a simple movie review.
Beyond All Comprehension Research Essay.
Being Afraid Persuasive Essay.
Columbus, Just one Guy History Essay.
Reform More or less a joke, although it got a good grade!
Alexander Hamilton An essay about Hamilton's policies and partisan politics 
Rich people Suck More or less a joke, although it got a good grade!
The Constitution A so-so essay on the Constitution
The foul Cry Persuasive Essay.
England v. Spain Comparative Essay
To Move A Mountain Poem.
What Difference Comparative Essay.
Straight State Review Article Review
Negotiation And Me This one a wrote for speech class
The Door to America Essay written for political science.
A Thought on Slavery A history essay on Slavery.

Two Cultures on War

A history essay on “Assyrian War Tactics” and “The Art of War”
Gilgamesh & Jews A Comparison of the creation stories found in the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Jewish creation story.
What Went Wrong? Review of  What Went Wrong? by Bernard Lewis. 
Medieval Technology

Review of Medieval Technology and Social Change by Lynn C. White

Political Economics Econ Essay
What I Want to Say Persuasive Essay.

Write to me and let me know what you think.