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I put together a series of links that I thought were interesting enough to be part of My Net Space.  I hope that you find them as interesting, funny, or informative as I do.


This is the web space of my friend and Erin's brother Brian Gonsalves.


This is the web site of my good friend Steve and I.  He is trying to make his fortune and sell your car. I decided to help him build it so please check it out.


This is where  used to I work.  I was trying to build this web site into something big and wonderful that would have  made my manager Juan wealthy.


I built this site so that I could have some way of voicing by political views.  Brain Gonsalves offered to help and it's turning out fairly good.   More From David Choung

This is the site of my friend and co-worker David.  I might just, one day, become the the one stop site for all those of us who have a Palm powered devise.


This website is to help promote my good friend George's band.  He asked me to build it for him, I hope it turns out OK.


I herd about this site on the radio and found it absolutely intriguing.  It just shows a bunch of things that people have found some of which can be rather interesting.
BBC World New


I've found that sometimes it is just good to get a British point of view on things so I decided to put a link to listen to the world service live.


This is the first web site that I built that I actually got paid for!  What a nice feeling it is to get paid to do something you like doing.


I decided to put a link to this site because yes, I am one of those California liberals.


I heard about this site on NPR and thought it was very Funny.  Sometimes it is better to look at world events in a lighter way.