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My Family

My brother and his family

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I wanted to devote a section of this website to show of my beautiful family.  They help to make me one of the luckiest men on earth.



(the most beautiful woman in the world)


Anthony (The Boy)

Ashley (The Princess)


This is my beautiful family!


(Me and My Family in front of the Trevi Fountain)


When we first met.


        You might notice that there is rarely a picture that includes me in it.  It is not the case that I never spend time with my family, or even that I was simply not there when these picture were taken, but is instead because I am most likely the one taking the picture.  Furthermore, though I do not necessarily view my self as a disgrace to human aesthetical values, I am certainly no where near as beautiful as my family.  In essence, I do not want to lessen the perfection of these photos by forcing my way into them.  My family is beautiful and I have no problem viewing this beauty from the outside.  It is just more for me to appreciate.



Old My Family

My Wedding Pictures