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To Move a Mountain

By Shawn Nelsen


I know I can never move a mountain, but I can try and move my soul

And in years past my lifetime I'll have lost faith in my goal

So it happens I'm not perfect, Though I work hard at what I do

I can learn only so much, but I've learned to make me new


I Know I have nothing to offer so I get down on my knees

I have the clothes on my back and I can barely pay life's fees

I have my life and I have my love, it's all that I know

As I lived all of my life, this is what I have to show.


I ask you not for answers, but to have faith in what I say

Believe me, I ask please wont someone turn my night into day

So Love is simply life and life is simply Love

It makes me wish I could open up my heart to release my white dove.


I can look out my window and I can open up my door

I could do all there is to do, but I'd never know what for

To look all around and never know what I see

Makes me ask "The pain inside, why should it be?"


I want to see all thatís beautiful; I want to feel all that's good

But instead it hurts so much insides like I never knew it could

I can start my search again; I can look into my soul

I only wish to all that is that life would pay its toll


There is a bridge that needs building and a road that needs paved

So I can walk lightly, but will I be saved?

For every question I find answered there is one right there that's new

Now I'll ask only one more thing and that's "What more can I do?"