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Since I am a history Major I thought I should make a section that would house my history here it is.

Mystic Love

Essay about municipal regulation in California

The Road to Regulation Essay about Madalynne Obenchain
Comparison of Genesis and Gilgamesh  
Second Review of What Went Wrong  
Mediocre Review of the Movie Glory  
Comparison of “The laws of Manu” &  “The Yuan Code: Homicide”  
A Sleeping America Really more of an English essay.
Britain Vs. Spain  
Columbus: Just One Guy  
A Constitution for Now & Then  
He Who Helped Partisan Politics  
Review of Medieval Technology and Social Change  
Original Review of What Went Wrong  
Review of “Crisis as Culture Clash"  
Hebrews and Hammurabi  
1934 West Coast Waterfront Strike Big paper for history 300b
History of History Final Paper for history 300a

Different Précis



Speaking American Colonial Speech Patterns
Sexual Accountability Essay on Chinese Law


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