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This is the area that will one day be, most likely, the most intriguing spot on my site!

Right now I'm kind of a busy guy so I'll just post this......

A Day in LA


The perfect road trip.


Chris Farley as Bennet Brower


My Head


  S.C.U.M. Manifesto by Valerie Solanas- Every man should read it to see what's coming!


This American Life

I found this show on my local NPR station and loved it so I decided to post some of my favorite shows.  Please listen.

This episode (#293) is about things that were lost.

There is a link to found Magazine on my links page.

This episode is about things being fixed, such as prices.



  My Wedding
  Sucks to your asmar pig
Desktop backgrounds from Kauai

Mystic Crocodile from Pakistan

Ultimate SPAM

Bush Speech


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