Road Trip

        After I graduated High School in 2001 my buddy Steve and I decided to try something new.  We were going to take a road trip to New York City, at least that was our goal.  We saved up just enough money for gas and food and maybe a little extra and planned to be gone for at least a month.  We made up a sort of map that would help us get there, but the condition of the trip is that we didn't have to be anywhere at any time we were just going to drive.  We slept in Steve's truck that we parked in hotel parking lots.  Then in the morning we would wake up, venture into the hotel lobby and enjoy a complementary breakfast.  Afterward we would take a swim in the hotel pool then be on our way.  This went on for about 9 days until we reached Colorado.  In Colorado I accidentally crashed the truck.  Steve wasn't mad at me though, we were just both a little bummed that the trip had to end.  I gave Steve the rest of the money that we had saved up and we headed back to California.  In order to get back to California though, we had to literally twisty tie the front of the truck together.  We got pulled over in every state we passed threw except New Mexico on the way home, but other than that the trip was great. 

        In retrospect both me and Steve agree that we wouldn't change anything about the trip, not even the crash.  During the trip we learned how to live on canned food, turkey jerky, bottled water, and fruit alone. I had probably never eaten so healthy. We got to see the Grand Canyon, the four Corners and some of the most beautiful dessert landscape imaginable.  Also had we not got stopped in Colorado we could very well have been in New York city on September 9th 2001.  So we have to count our blessing and realize it was the perfect trip. 


The Four Corners

Me and Steve write smack dab in the middle of nowhere.