My Kids

(A Fountain In St. Peter's Square, Rome)



I have got to have the best kids ever.  They are sweet, smart, kind, and beautiful.



(Taken on a cold Parisian day)


Ashley Dancing Girl (click Here)




(On the Spanish Steps, Rome)

  Anthony  Dancing Boy (click Here)


        Ashley is a sweet little girl with the most brilliant red hair.  She is the Princess of the house hold and is only beet in fashion sense by her mother.  I love my Princess.        Anthony is an inquisitive little boy that is simply a joy to be around.  He'll ask a million questions if given the opportunity.  He is a good boy and I love him.



(In a park in Florence)


(The Boy & Girl)

(The Goddess & Princess)


I wouldn't be who I am or where I am today if it were not for these two little angels!