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Still There



Once you drew me close to you; and now you keep me there

      You picked me up so I could float; and I've never left the air

                 You've given me more than I deserve; But still your always sharing with me

    When you caught my eye I couldn't look away; and still you’re the only one that I see.


I need you to know that I still love you

                   There's nothing for you that I wouldn't do

Just ask me to hold your hand and I'll be there

                  Though time can pass and I can be a fool

                         I know I'll never forget and I will hope that you'll

      Still hold out your hand so I can show that I care.


                       So if time does pass and you become old and gray; I hope that I'll be old and gray there to

I will hold you close and I will close my eyes; and thank the lord for I have you

Though time before and time to come is nice to have; I'm happy to be with you today

If time comes when you are sad; please remember what I have to say.






© All words and music written and owned by Shawn Nelsen.