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Step Closer

One step closer leads me away

from the  lonely hows of yesterday

but as the steps keep pulsing I'm craving the past

I always want what will never last.


As I move I hope that I might

find a sweet vision that will catch my sight

and stop me in the tracks that I've made

and make all desire to move just fade.


So don't let go I won't look away

and don't say "no" say "yes you may."

Come in closer and I'll hold you tight.

The morning is so far, why don't you stay the night.


So Follow me dear and as far as you know

together we might find the right place to go

and we won't look back, we won't find it fit

 for together we'll think this is as good as it gets.


Eyes of passion fallow me home

now I won't walk threw that door alone

I hope these eyes don't let me out of sight

For what keeps me here are these eye's strong light.



Dmb7, Bmb7, Emb7, A7

Dmaj7, Ebmb5,  Em7, A7

Dmaj7, Ddim6, Dbdim7, A7 

 All words and music written and owned by Shawn Nelsen.