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Trapped in a life that would never trap a soul

Hanging up the curtains, for I would rather feel cold

I've turned to many places and listened what was said,

But it seemed that life was only meaningful to the stupid and the dead

So I will live threw all the numbness and I will try and feel pain

I guess that there is no one to get mad at when I am the only one to blame

Numbness is a pleasure that I never want to have

For you take away my feeling and there is nothing to be had



Running life in circles oh I hope I find the end

For traveling is useless when you know what's around the bend

I close my eyes and see darkness it's the darkness that's inside

But not everything is mine to have so for this I take my pride


I walked up to the ocean and the ocean said to me

That it could be wise to look for freedom, but it is wiser to be free

Oh "How do I find freedom" is what I called back to the waves

When in search for what I'm looking for I have made myself a slave

Well the ocean she fell silent and she never answered back

So I will head on down the river to find all that I lack

It's sad, but almost funny, how I do this just to me

I guess I'll keep on moving in my circles to be free




 All words and music written and owned by Shawn Nelsen.