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Well I know that I have not written in a while, but I guess that I have not had anything good to say.  To be honest, I do not have much of anything good to say now.  My kids and I have been watching Avatar, The Last Air Bender while I work out and I really must give Nic. credit for making a pretty darn good show.    I have also been playing Star Wars Battlefront with my son and have to admit that it is a fun game.  

Oh ya, I learned the other day that a new Star Trek movie is coming out.  Although I try and hide my Trekyness from friends and family for fear that they will disown me, I am so excited.  I do not think that I will go see it the first day that it comes out because that is what nerds would do, so I will probably wait till the second day. 

Estoy todavia estudiando espanol y espero que puedo dicer que puedo hablar espanol in un o dos mezes.  Es dificil porque no tengo mucho jente que puedo hablar.  Tengo me companera de trabajo, pero cuando estoy trabajando tengo que trabajar.  Tambien tengo mis vecinos, pero no puedo pasar demaciado tiempo con ellos.  Nosotros tenemos nos propio vidas y ademas es mas facil para mi a hablar ingles con ellos.  Cuando quiero comunicar es major que uso la idioma que hablo major.  Creo que necicitio leer mas libros en espanol antes puedo dicer que puedo hablar este linguage nuevo.  Solo tengo que trabajar y practicar y probablement escuchar mas.   Mi vecino prestimerme La Guirra de los Galaxcias Una Nueva Esperanza en espanol de espana.  Ya tengo algo muy devertido a mirar.    Sinembargo, intiendo que no puedo escribir muy bien.  Estoy todavia aprendiendo, que quieres? No soy perfecto!  Ya no puedo ticlar los accentes en espanol!

One more thing.  Don’t go see the movie Cloverfield in the movie theaters unless you want to have the wonderful sensation of the urge to vomit due to motion sickness.   The movie was interesting, however I would highly recommend that you wait to see it on the small screen.  The big screen is too big!




You can buy a Bush Coin for $9.95, that for me was worth one BLOG. I Love it! They should change the penny to this!!

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I’ve done a lot of thinking as to why teenagers or children think that they know it all when they don’t, while at the same time they sometimes seem to offer the best, most simple advice.  For me it seems to be because they do not always have to take into account some of the more difficult factors that their parents worry about.  How is a child supposed to comprehend how a parent worries about that child, how that child affects all of the parents decisions and destinations.  How is the child supposed to understand what it is like to truly be and feel responsible for the well being of someone else?  How could a child know what it is like to have to pay a mortgage, maintain a family, hold a job, and sustain a marriage?  These are the things that not only make life more difficult, but also make life what it is.  Without the true understanding of these factors a teenager can never truly know it all and a child’s simple advice may not be the best.  Unfortunately we do not live in an idealistic world.  Nevertheless, we must all be given the chance to discover that for our selves.  
I hope that I remember this next time I question myself as to way it is that my children have such idealistic answers.  I pray that I remember this once my children become teenagers




Well it is the new year and time for me to find my new self.  I am hoping that the new me is about 50 pounds lighter, puede habla español, and has a really high paying job!  We’ll see…
I have finally decided to dedicate time to becoming a real geek.  As though using valuable time for writing a blog about myself that no one will read or has let alone heard of, I will now endeavor to learn programming languages.  I think that my first computer language that I want to learn is PHP.  It’s this handy little server side language that ads lots of wonderful functionality to one’s website.  One day this BLOG may even show up in PHP.  What an interesting day that will be.  It may be so far in the future that I will be introducing another year as I am here!
I still have a job!  This is an amazing thing seeing as I work in the Mortgage industry.  2007 has been a really heard year and it looks as though 2008 will be just as hard.  I am torn between the pleasurable feeling of watching house prices drop when I am trying to find a house and the noxious feeling of thinking that I might just find a house right before I lose my job.  Who knows what the world will bring.  Perhaps I could win the lottery and I will never have to worry about money again.  Perhaps I will become a PHP master and geeks will travel far and wide to learn from my amazing talent.  Perhaps my wife will just end up making a lot of money and she can be my sugar-mama.  Either one of the possibilities sounds just peachy with me.

If you truly are interested in reading my rants, raves, and nothingness from last year feel free to click here in order to read last year’s blog.
Happy new years!