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This is my net space. With this site I hope to share my thoughts, music, and ideas along with things that I find interesting with the rest of the world,

or at least any one who wonders onto my wed site because I thought to myself

"what a wonderful use of my time it would be to share a lot about myself with countless people I don't know!"  I hope you enjoy my work!


                  -Shawn Nelsen


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Web is slowly going threw a transition from the personal web-site of Shawn Nelsen to an interactive home page for the future MyNetSpace Web-Design Company.  Threw the efforts of MyNetSpace we hope to help small and medium sized businesses and organizations build brochure stile web-sites at an affordable cost.  If you have any questions regarding this service please feel free to E-mail us by clicking on the link bellow.




This is the current home page of Shawn Nelsen. Slowly but surly it will become Mynetspace Design Company.

Things My Family Art Writings My Music Links Home


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